In a recent survey 37% of woman, when asked, said that they would cut their evening short if their mobile phone battery was low or in danger of dying.

Reasons given included:-

  • Personal safety.
  • Staying in touch with family and friends.
  • Getting a way home.
  • Ability to pay via phone.

ChargeMy.Mobi offers power bank machines FREE to Bars & restaurants. Most Bars & Restaurants experience customers looking to charge their phones. Taking them behind the bar or to an office is time consuming and puts the liability for the phones on to the bar owner.  With a ChargeMy.Mobi power bank machine all you have to do is direct the customer to scan the QR code on the machine and they do the rest themselves. The machines are smaller than a toaster and hold 5 batteries.

Once they scan the QR code they are directed to a page Click Here. On the page, they can pay by Google Pay, Apple Pay or Credit Card. Once the £6.00 charge goes through, much like a toaster a battery pops up which they can take and sit at their table. The battery has 3 leads attached, USB type C (most android phones) Apple Lightening ( iPhones and other Apple devices) and Micro USB (older Android phones and rechargeable vapes)


Once the battery pops up, they receive an email telling them when their rental began. They have 24 hours to return the battery to the station. If they do not return the battery they are automatically charged and additional £30.00. This is pointed out before they rent, in their email and it is on the battery. The machine is monitored by us, so no action is needed by the Bar or Restaurant. Any batteries not returned will be replaced by us.


What does it cost the Bar or Restaurant?

Nothing, Zero, Zilch its absolutely FREE. 

What is the benefit to the Bar or Restaurant?

Releases staff to serve customers. Takes the responsibility for people’s phones away from the owners. Customers stay longer. Customers maintain their ability to pay via their phones.

What happens if a customer does not return the battery?

The Bar or restaurant has nothing to do. We handle all communications with the customer and apply the appropriate charge.

Can more than one person use a battery once rented?

Absolutely, Once rented the customer has 24 hours to return it. They can share it with their friends or family each battery can charge up to 5 phones before running out, they are fast charging.

How much power does the machine use ?

The power banks come fully charged but do need a mains supply, the batteries use trickle charge technology so to charge all batteries fully costs less than charging one phone. Once charged they do not draw any additional power. The power bank machine will only rent fully charged batteries.